If you are currently a student at UIUC who would like to become an editorial assistant for Montage Arts Journal, please email montagejournal AT gmail DOT com. We are particularly in need of those interested in and/or familiar with poetry, drama, and art. You can browse our journals to see what kind of work Montage has published in the past.


STAFF 2014-15
Editor-in-Chief | Jessica Sung
Prose Editor | John Milas
Poetry & Drama Editor | Angela Nostwick
Editorial Assistants | Carolyn Aiello, Kelsey Barry, Andie Bernard, Randi Clemens, William Doeckel IV, Brittany Frost, Aaliyah Gibson, Jamie Hahn, Ava Holz, Michelle Hsieh, Linda Ji, Sarah Lullo, Joseph Krause, Xiaomeng Li, Megan Nutt, Brittany Peterson, Sean Ryan, Daniel Seeder, Natalie Taylor, Jade Tyson, Jill Whitman, Alexander Wong
Treasurer | Xiaomeng Li
Webmaster | Jessica Sung
Faculty Advisor | Matthew Minicucci

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